Sunset Beach, Cape May: Experience the Best Sunset of Your Life

Sunset Beach in Cape May, New Jersey

Looking for the perfect date night on your weekend trip? Or maybe you’re looking for something fun to do with your family during your Cape May vacation? Either way, Cape May, New Jersey, is the ideal place to experience the best sunset of your life. Located right on the peninsula, Sunset Beach near Cape May is the perfect place to visit. Ocean Club Hotel provides luxurious accommodations in Cape May. Here, we talk about Sunset Beach, how to take the perfect sunset selfie, and what you need to know before visiting.

What Is Sunset Beach?

Sunset Beach is one of the more popular Cape May beaches along the Delaware Bay. It’s best known for its beautiful sunsets.

When tides are low, visitors can get a glimpse of the SS Atlantus shipwreck. The SS Atlantus was built for battle during World War I. It was the first of 12 ships to be made from concrete, an alternative to metal that allows ships to be bigger and more durable. However, it never made it to battle.

By the time the ship was constructed, the war was over. So instead, the SS Atlantus was used to retrieve troops from France and coal from New England. After some time, the ship became too much to maintain and was abandoned. In 1926, a storm caused the SS Atlantus to move and become wedged in a sandbar. Efforts were made to move the ship back to its original location, but it was never successful. Now, it remains underwater, with only the stern being visible during low tide. This is just one part of Cape May history.

Taking the Perfect Sunset Picture

To take social media-worthy sunset photos at Sunset Beach, timing is everything. You want to make sure you arrive during “golden hour,” which is a period when the sun is setting in a way that provides stunning light for photos. “Golden hour” begins about one hour before the sun is projected to set.

When taking the right sunset picture, it can be beneficial to check sunset times for the day. Times can vary depending on the season, so tracking sunset patterns can be a great start in capturing the perfect sunset picture.

In addition, you want to ensure your backdrop is aesthetically pleasing. Luckily, there are plenty of spots right along Sunset Beach that deliver stunning, natural scenery and beautiful colors. This allows visitors to experience Cape May and everything it has to offer.

What to Know Before Visiting

Cape May is not a traditional beach in the sense that it is all sand. Instead, it has beautiful pebbles that line the Delaware Bay. Within these pebbles, visitors can search for stunning, sparkling rocks. These are called Cape May diamonds and are made of natural quartz crystals. Cape May diamonds are the perfect keepsake for your travels.

In addition, Sunset Beach has many gift shops and delicious dining options nearby. Visitors can also play mini golf and find other things to do in Cape May.

Between May and December, some visitors can even see whales migrating to other locations. They can schedule sightseeing cruises that take them to popular whale-watching areas. On Saturdays during the summer, travelers can also experience the flag-lowering ceremony. The flags used during this ceremony are from veteran’s casket flags, which are brought by families. The ceremony is completed in remembrance of these veterans and those before them, as well as to show pride for America as a whole. This has been a tradition in the area for more than 40 years.

Stay at Ocean Club Hotel

Cape May, New Jersey, is a great place to travel to if you’re looking for history, entertainment, luxury, unique dining, and one-of-a-kind shopping experiences. When it comes to accommodations, Ocean Club Hotel has you covered. With stunning ocean-view rooms and incredible dining options, guests have everything they need. To learn more about Sunset Beach in Cape May, contact us today or book now.