Is Captain Kidd’s Treasure Buried in Cape May?

Wooden treasure chest with trinkets lying in sand

Whether you’re a Cape May regular or visiting for the first time, there’s always something fun and unique for you to do. Discover the legend of the famed pirate Captain Kidd and his treasure that could be buried somewhere near Cape May Point. If you need a beautiful place to stay during your trip, Ocean Club Hotel offers luxury accommodations and dining, complemented by beach views and a heated pool. Here, we share more information about the legend of Captain Kidd’s treasure in Cape May, New Jersey.

About Captain Kidd’s Treasure

Captain Kidd was born William Kidd in Scotland around 1645 and eventually relocated to New York City in search of wealth and prosperity. Kidd was named as the commander of a privateer ship, essentially working as a pirate hunter. However, when Kidd couldn’t find any pirates to hunt, he decided to become one himself, robbing ships and taking their booty. The legend says Captain Kidd buried some of his treasure underground in various spots around the U.S., ranging from Gardiner’s Island near Long Island to Cape May, NJ, and down to the Florida Keys.

In 1701, Captain Kidd was arrested, tried, and executed for piracy, but that didn’t stop people from looking for his treasure. Shortly after his arrest, around 20,000 pounds (close to $1 million today) was discovered on Gardiner’s Island, causing a frenzy of treasure hunts around the area and beyond.

Captain Kidd and Cape May

During his voyages, Captain Kidd made several stops around New Jersey, and rumors say he hid some of his wealth throughout the state. Many places around New Jersey are rumored to have buried treasure, but Cape May makes particular sense because pirate ships often stopped there when needing a fresh water source. There is an old undated newspaper at the Cape May County Museum, written by someone identified only as Z.H., remembering a story told to him about how Captain Kidd’s treasure was supposedly buried somewhere in Cape May County.

Every summer, Cape May holds a free Captain Kidd Treasure Hunt where kids can search for buried treasure. Children ages three to ten can participate and will be separated into age groups. Kids meet on the promenade in front of Cape May Beach Patrol and then follow “Captain Kidd” to his secret site to see what they can find.

Where to Stay in Cape May

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