While Staying in Cape May, Be Sure to Visit Wildwood, NJ!

Lifeboat with the word “Wildwood” painted on its side on the side

When planning your trip to Cape May, New Jersey, whether it’s your first or fifteenth, make sure to set aside a day to visit nearby Wildwood. Wildwood is similar to Cape May in that they’re both coastal resort towns in southern New Jersey, but it has its own charm that makes it a great place to visit.

Ocean Club Hotel in Cape May is the place to stay for luxurious accommodations and dining in Cape May County. Here, we share information about things to do in Wildwood.

Things to Do in Wildwood, NJ

Wildwood is a seaside resort town in Cape May County, about 10 miles from the city of Cape May, and is one of the first beach resorts in New Jersey. It is part of the Wildwoods, which consists of five communities within one five-mile island, including Wildwood Crest, West Wildwood, North Wildwood, Wildwood City, and Diamond Beach. 

There are plenty of fun things to do in Wildwood, whether you’re coming with small children, your significant other, or friends. Some of the best activities to do in Wildwood are:


The beaches in Wildwood are the most expansive on the Atlantic coast, stretching five miles and filled with beautiful white sand. Since the beaches are so long, beach taxis are available to transport beachgoers to the waterfront. 

Families with children can enjoy building sandcastles, boogie boarding, and swimming, while couples can enjoy tanning, playing beach volleyball, and even surfing. Places like Randazzo Surf School offer private and group lessons on Wildwood Beach.


Wildwood is famous for its boardwalk, and for good reason. Stretching 38 blocks and packed with more than 100 rides, attractions, and restaurants, the boardwalk is a must-visit when in Wildwood. Dating back to the 1890s, the boardwalk started as a simple 150-yard stretch of boards and has continued to develop into a fun and exciting Wildwood landmark. Families, friends, couples, and even singles can find something to enjoy on the boardwalk.

Morey’s Pier and Beachfront Waterparks

Morey’s Piers and Beachfront Waterparks is another place to add to your Wildwood list. This classic seaside amusement park has been voted one of the top three seaside amusement parks in the world by Amusement Today. The park spans 18 acres along six beach blocks and consists of three amusement piers and two beachfront water parks. Morey’s Piers offers a wide selection of rides of different intensities, including

  • Six world-class roller coasters
  • Old-fashioned Carousel
  • Bumper cars
  • Spinning Teacups
  • Giant Wheel
  • SlingShot

Kids and adults alike can enjoy the fun-filled atmosphere at Morey’s Piers and Beachfront Waterparks.

Doo Wop Experience

For fans of history or those who want to revisit their heydays, visiting the Wildwood Doo Wop Experience Museum is a great choice. This museum features remnants of 1950s pop culture, with designs, architecture, and artifacts from this era. The museum also has a retro-style malt shop and gifts and memorabilia from the Doo Wop period.

Pon-Tiki Charters

If you want to enjoy a relaxing day on the water, taking a Pon-Tiki Charter in Wildwood is a unique way to do so. Offering cruise experiences in the back bays of the Wildwoods, Pon-Tiki Charters are captained by U.S. Coast Guard captains. Choose from morning, day, afternoon, sunset, and night cruises and see the beauty of Wildwood from a boat.

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